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These Are the Girls of Jamia

Yukti Saumya translates “Yeh Hain Jamia Ki Ladkiyan,” a poem by Amir Aziz Exposing the Shahs of the world,  With their gestures, revolutions unfurl, These are the girls of Jamia. And patriarchy’s garb gets ripped to shreds, People clear out the path ahead, When they resolve to take on the streets, these girls of Jamia. […]

Pictures Of Your True Love: An Unfinished Novel

Krithi Ganesh translates a fragment from an unfinished novel written by Wolfgang Herrndorf 1. After all, being crazy simply means you’re crazy, not daft. Because a lot of people think that they’re completely daft—weirdos—just because they wander around strangely and scream and shit on the pavement and whatnot. And that’s true. But it doesn’t feel […]

Pachpan Khambhe Lal Deewarein

An excerpt from Usha Priyamvada’s novel, translated by Charvi Koul Kaushalya ji’s phone call left Sushma surprised but she still invited her to visit. When she returned home from college she gave Bhauri instructions to get some things for evening tea and then started cleaning her room. She wanted Kaushalya ji to see how well […]