Translation Lab

The Translation Lab features excerpts from translations in progress by students at Ashoka University.

Three Coffins

Author: Wajida Tabassum

Translator: Akshaj Awasthi

Languages: from Urdu to English

Bade Chacha left the cell-like chamber abutting the drawing room, closely followed by Genda Khala who was holding onto his kurta. She looked bewildered and afraid. ‘What will I do now, huzoor? I won’t be able to hide this secret forever!’…

Pachpan Khambhe Lal Deewarein

Author: Usha Priyamvada

Translator: Charvi Koul

Languages: from Hindi to English

Kaushalya ji’s phone call left Sushma surprised but she still invited her to visit. When she returned home from college she gave Bhauri instructions to get some things for evening tea and then started cleaning her room…

Non-Resident Bihari

Author: Shahikant Mishr

Translator: Prerna Vij

Languages: from Hindi to English

There was chaos at the Katihar Zila Hospital. The senior doctor was very anxious. She couldn’t decide anything, after all what could she even do? Such a complicated case! Should they save the child or the mother– they did not even have that option…

Pictures Of Your True Love: An Unfinished Novel

Author: Wolfgang Herrndorf

Translator: Krithi Ganesh

Languages: from German to English

After all, being crazy simply means you’re crazy, not daft. Because a lot of people think that they’re completely daft—weirdos—just because they wander around strangely and scream and shit on the pavement and whatnot…

These Are The Girls of Jamia

Author: Amir Aziz

Translator: Yukti Saumya

Languages: from Hindi to English

(Image credits: Ponvannan)

Exposing the Shahs of the world, 

With their gestures, revolutions unfurl,

These are the girls of Jamia…