Category: Translation Theory

When We Are ‘Multilingual’, Do We Translate?

A riveting introduction to A Multilingual Nation: Translation and Language Dynamic in India , edited by Rita Kothari and published by Oxford University Press in 2018. When I said the only language I speak is not mine, I did not say it was foreign to me. There is a difference. Derrida A panel discussion on […]

Secular, Secularism and Non-translations

Rita Kothari traces the conceptual-linguistic journey of the term “secular” in India, in a special article published by the Economic and Political Weekly. This paper is a set of reflections rather than a unified grand argument on what is one of India‚Äôs most used, abused and complex terms. The realm of this subject is too […]

More or Less Translation

An excerpt from More or Less “translation” by Rita Kothari and Krupa Shah, published in A World Atlas of Translation in 2019. A classic question about India and its over 1000 recorded languages is how did and does India manage communication amidst such linguistic diversity? Surely translation must be the only way. And yet formal […]